Bruce Banner. 5 years after Infinity War spent time trying to solve the Hulk and Bruce struggle. Combining brains and brawn you’ve got an intellectual with powerful strength combo.

The Story. For years I’ve been treating the Hulk-like he’s some kind of disease, something to get rid of. But then I started looking at him as the cure. Eighteen months in a gamma lab. I put the brains and the brawn together. And now look at me, best of both worlds. Rocket Tony Stark and Bruce use Nano Technology to create a nano gauntlet designed to hold and contain the power of the infinity stones. Although Hulk was able to put the glove on and snap his fingers he suffered a charred arm from the power of the stones

What’s in the box? Hulk smashes his way into the DST universe with End Game Hulk with Nano Gauntlet. In the box are 2 extra sets of hands and one nano gauntlet with infinity stones. Multiple points of articulation. Hands are easily changeable. One thing that stood out to me was even the Nano glove was articulated at the wrist.

Verdict: Another home run for DST. Hulk bears a great likeness to the movie version and the attention to detail down to his toenails and popping veins makes for a fine figure even the gauntlet’s attention to the details down to the stones was great.  It would of have been a bonus to have the cindered arm included as well but it doesn’t take away from an already great figure The figure stands up well to posing and all-around rough play. His size makes him bigger than regular Marvel Select figures. Grab this guy Asap to add to your Avengers collection before he’s gone.

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By Mike Hopkins - Feature Editor

As a long time collector, Mike's love for pop culture began in the 1980's with G I Joe and has grown since. Today he is our Managing Editor specializing in reviews of Mezco, DIamond Select Toys, DC Collectible and many other brands. As a writer he brings a honest but fair review style to Fanboy Factor. "What makes us who we are is our opinions other wise we get lost among many others who do not stand apart in the crowd."