Comic Review: Intergalactic X-Change (Darklife Publishing)

Two best friends, Chase and Harold have the adventure of a lifetime when they discover their exchange student is an alien from another Galaxy. What kind of adventure awaits them? […]

Two best friends, Chase and Harold have the adventure of a lifetime when they discover their exchange student is an alien from another Galaxy. What kind of adventure awaits them?

This 158-page graphic novel is full of colorful characters some of which are endearing, and relatable, while other characters are out of this world! Chase is the main protagonist of this story, and his goal is to be just like his father who was a famous astronaut. Chase is ambitious and dedicated to reaching the stars, but that oftentimes leads him to trouble. Harold is Chase’s best friend, a young genius that is just as enthusiastic about what is beyond his world as Chase is. These two are definitely enjoyable to read about, seeing them get into trouble while also learning about themselves along the way.

Franky the Alien is a fun character that definitely fits the mold of a classic alien visitor who comes from Hyperia Prime, his home planet. Much like most alien visitors of pop culture, Franky’s goal is to visit Earth, to gain knowledge beyond his world. Much like the other characters he too is in awe of the world around him, wanting to learn about what humanity has to offer, and in his own way, teaches those around them about the potential that they have for themselves and those around them. Speaking of pop culture, Stephens definitely makes some subtle nods to various staples of science fiction that keen readers will surely appreciate.

The motivations of the characters and the direction it takes will keep readers invested, attracting new readers who are currently making their way through elementary and junior high, while reminding older readers the importance of holding on to the childlike awe that most often forget. In regards to the antagonists such as the Overlord and his henchmen, they provide a good balance of fun and cartoon villainy which makes it perfect for an all-ages comic such as this. Stephens offers some interesting twists that admittedly surprised me, and due to his writing, the charm of the characters, it will surely keep readers engaged.

In regards to the art, Butch Mapa and Lisa Moore deliver fun childhood nostalgia with every rendered panel and page. Butch Mapa’s art style is different than what he’s known for in his current work on IDW/Marvel’s Avengers. That isn’t a bad thing at all since he’s applying different styles for each of the respective works that he is attached to. Mapa is able to provide a sense of youthful wonder, adventure, and energy to this original graphic novel. Coupled with Lisa Moore’s lively colorwork, and Christopher Barrett’s lettering, the team accomplishes the visual spirit of adventure that Stephens channels in writing.

Despite the current state of the world, in times like these, it’s important to always have something positive to look to, especially for kids and families alike. And with a book such as Intergalactic X-Change, I think it is a fantastic comic book that will keep families and kids occupied. Perfect for family book clubs, and a great story that all ages can enjoy. I definitely recommend a book which has all the best elements that make a fun all-ages science fiction adventure. You can purchase this graphic novel digitally for the Kindle through Amazon at the price of $2.99. I definitely recommend adding this to your pull list.

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