Comic Review: Pretty Violent Vol. 1: Fresh Ink (Image Comics)

Image Comics brings you an anti-hero, killer of superheroes in a non-kids comic in Pretty Violent on its first volume. So from what I heard about this comic is the […]

Image Comics brings you an anti-hero, killer of superheroes in a non-kids comic in Pretty Violent on its first volume.

So from what I heard about this comic is the most brutal superhero comic that you’ve ever read. Despite the Marvel comics like Deadpool, this comic would bring you to the next level. The story is written by Jason Young, and also written and illustrated by Derek Hunter. What bothers me about this comic is the art style that the whole characters have a stunning cartooning for the young readers, but it’s very violent for adults to read as well. I’m sure this comic is a pretty violent way to get at the bookstore and children would think that it’s pretty scary to see superheroes to get killed.

The front cover shows the main character triumphs her victory of destroying heroes and monsters. I feel like reading One Punch Man again, but this anti-hero, Gamma Rae just obliterated those poor heroes and monsters in one blow as if she’s standing up with a nervous pose covered in blood. I’d imagine what she is like in the future, telling her from everyone to back off and quit being a hero, murderer. So the story starts on a typical day when a hero like a monster is trying to kill a child in a human form of a monster until Gamma Rae stepped up and ruined the sauce. Apparently, she’s another hot-headed anti-hero who makes so many mistakes and ended killing up everyone in sight. This comic is like I Hate Fairy Land, well even the writer developed that comic, except this hero, is full of angst that she actually screws up big time. But other than that, she’s actually saving everyone in a comical way, well this is the usual way, whenever she protects the city in a flash, then BAM! SHE GOES AROUND AND MURDER THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE AND VILLAINS THAT INSTANTLY. But she actually did some good things as well, she met some veterans who trained or joined forces with them including Misty Meadows, and beat some monsters. Long story short, she’s a great hero not to be messed with.

The story is very fun and interesting to read and interact, this comic makes me laugh the way when she screws up everything. Pretty violent is another story that has a weird way because unlike Deadpool, this one has full of sauce, and somehow it makes something that amateur heroes go for. Gamma Rae, by the way, she tried so hard to be a better hero and found herself very frustrated at the end. The artist, Derek Hunter is known to make a story of Gamma Rae, but when Jason Young worked together with him, it made the story much more interesting and funny, no wonder why they changed the title though. And like I said from the beginning, Derek usually makes the characters so cartooning but the whole atmosphere of the story is so violent, gore and awkward, it just made the readers think that this isn’t a children’s book. Even at its original form, the creativity has more than meets the eye. The artist just interfaced his own thoughts about this comic from his childhood, but as a result, the story is based off his own daughter who happens to inherit a lot of her strengths and weaknesses, from success and failures, from determination and a will to fight. But it’s really a fun story to read, if you rather want to read a superhero comic that has full of comedy, gore and violence, then this is for you.

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