Comic Reviews: Irredeemable Omnibus (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Comics releases another superhero comic which is similar to the anti-hero comic but focuses on the alternative side in Irredeemable the graphic novel. So this is the other part […]

BOOM! Comics releases another superhero comic which is similar to the anti-hero comic but focuses on the alternative side in Irredeemable the graphic novel.

So this is the other part of the Incorruptible made by the same writer, where the Plutonian wreaks havoc from across the world, the two versions of the comic focuses on a different group of superheroes who wants to stop the Plutonian. So when did it become like this for Plutonian to turn into a supervillain? Well, that is to be told. The comic is created by Mark Waid and illustrated by Peter Krause and other artists. Peter is an American illustrator and a comic book artist who is best known for his work on various DC Comics titles, and collaborated with writer Mark Waid to make an independent series such as this comic in 2009 for Boom! His first published comics was another DC Comic Bonus book in Suicide Squad #21 in 1988. During his time in the mid-1990s, he worked on numerous advertising agencies and production houses which his work includes storyboards, print concepts, billboard designs, interior retail concepts, and other architectural work that he had done so far.

The front cover shows a different side of the comic more like the Incorruptible cover art, but this time we get the red monochrome color version of the comic. With 3 panels of the main characters on the side, it seems like a good story? The anti-hero is there in the middle of the cover so how bad can it be? Also, there’s a comment from the comic book writer Grant Morrison quotes “Irredeemable is brilliant, hard-edged, progressive superhero comics.” Well, you can say that, but how long is this comic going to go further from the start? But to be honest this whole comic is the beginning of the story and were all that madness just started. The story starts about the Plutonian who actually fights to defend the civilians of the city and his teammates around, and all that memory is coming from that tri clops superhero named Sam who uses his magic crystal to trigger his memories with the Plutonian. But suddenly, Sam can’t remember anything else because the Plutonian burned the back of his head, so he betrayed everyone else to become an anti-hero. It’s strange from the get-go, and now he’s out there stabbing everyone’s backs because he had a change of heart, and killed almost everyone across the country. This is a whole big of what the fuck is going on because it’s a no brainer to create a comic about a superhero who betrayed almost everyone and he’s going on a rampage. The change between the main character has gone from good to evil, just to know when he got time to get his haircut and changed his clothes. So everyone is going out to stop him from destroying the world apart. Either it’s a battle between good and evil.

The comic is very dark to begin with, even if there’s a person you put trust the most, and then started to destroy everything. But this comic goes with a bang where everything goes wrong throughout life. I do want to know what’s Plutonian’s purpose for fighting for justice to becoming a supervillain because he’s tired of it. The art is similar to the other various artists and it was made by the same artists who worked on the Incorruptible comic. However, unlike Superman, the Plutonian character design made it much more heroic and intimidating at the same time as it does. I have never seen such behavior that this hero has. Speaking of, about Plutonian, he’s mostly is like Superman, but he has an evil side which makes him feel more like 10,000 Kryptonians at a time. But it claims that he became the most powerful and angry being creature what this world is facing right now. So Irredeemable is actually the darkest comic to be read, and hopefully, this would excite you more than anything else right now.

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