“You have my respect, Stark. When I’m done, half of humanity will still be alive. I hope they remember you.”

Back Story: Thanos is best known for his role in the 1991 Infinity Gauntlet where he successfully collected all 6 Infinity gems into a gauntlet and snapped his fingers wiping out half the Universe.

What’s in the box:  Three distinct head portraits, one cosmic cube, interchangeable hands, chest and shoulder armor, one light-up infinite gauntlet with two interchangeable hands, and one display base with gauntlet logo.

The Verdict:  The light-up feature gauntlet was the highlight of this character. Although the resemblance was spot on the bulkiness of the figure made posing pretty difficult. I tried to use a display prop of his throne from the MCU movie without success. I was unable to place him in a sitting position in order to, well, sit on his throne. When attempting this I popped his leg out of socket had it not been for his outfit being two separate pieces I would not have been able to put his leg back on. I am A Mezco fan and if you don’t have plans on doing anything but a vanilla pose then this figure is for you. If you are expecting to pose, sit, display in action style, Thanos is not the character for you. Heavy-duty figure though and the gauntlet light-up features again was the stand out with the set up you can see every stone in his gauntlet lit up brightly. If you are a Thanos fan grab this guy but as I said don’t expect dynamic poses out of this one. I don’t hate it but def. not one of my favorite.

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By Mike Hopkins - Feature Editor

As a long time collector, Mike's love for pop culture began in the 1980's with G I Joe and has grown since. Today he is our Managing Editor specializing in reviews of Mezco, DIamond Select Toys, DC Collectible and many other brands. As a writer he brings a honest but fair review style to Fanboy Factor. "What makes us who we are is our opinions other wise we get lost among many others who do not stand apart in the crowd."