Laserman NYCC 2022 Interview

I had the privilege to interview The Laserman at NYCC! Laserman: Hi everybody, my name is Laserman! the world’s first Indian American superhero! New York’s brightest! Master of light! Champion […]

I had the privilege to interview The Laserman at NYCC!

Laserman: Hi everybody, my name is Laserman! the world’s first Indian American superhero! New York’s brightest! Master of light! Champion of diversity! And I’m here with Fanboy Factor today to give you a great interview! So here we go!

Q1. With Laserman, this is a character that you’ve both written and illustrated. What was it like bringing this character to life?

Laserman: The character was alive before I created him. He was in me, and I just had to bring him out. In 1985, I was 12 years old. In that year I saw everything that had to do with comics. Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller) number 1 came out, Maus (Art Spiegelman) came out. I was in London just talking to the guys of 2000 A.D. about my first 2000 A.D.’s, Apocalypse War, Judge Dredd, all that stuff. Awesome. So under these conditions when I saw all the comic book characters, and all the other superheroes in all the world, I saw all of them but none of them reflected me. So I had to create one that reflected my experience. I created the character when I was 12, the character is 17 years old now, and I’m much older than that, obviously! I think that I became the character over time rather than the opposite way around.

Q2. As an illustrator, you’ve been working on this stuff for so many years. You recently had a show at the Philippe Labaune Gallery.

Laserman: Yes, very recently I had a show at the Philippe Labaune gallery, which is a premiere location for comic book art in New York City. It’s right on the west wing of 23rd street. It’s In the heart of Chelsea, an actual art territory which is great and it tells you a lot about comic books and comic book art these days. The whole world has come around, so even though I created him (Laserman) in 1985, the world wasn’t ready for the first Indian American superhero at that time. In fact, I was asked to be on a panel at a black comic art festival In 2018, when Black Panther just came out. And here I was, little Laserman, a tiny light shadowed by the big Black Panther, saying, hey I’m over here! But they did notice me, because I’m a tiny light, but I’m very, very bright!

Q3. You’ve got two issues of Laserman out in the wild, with an upcoming third issue on the way. What is it about issue three that you’re proud of thus far within this saga of Laserman?

Laserman: For all my fans, I’d like to say that we got all the great artistry that you’ll come to know and expect from Laserman. It’s all hand-painted with watercolor, all hand-lettered. I’m introducing thirteen new supervillain’s in issue three, called the International Organization of Morticians. They’re like the Illuminati for the 21st century! They run the world because they stand the most to gain from people dying. Their theme, their catchphrase is, Push the body bags! That’s what they do all day, every day, 24/7, 365 days! Just death with nothing else on their mind!

Q4. When it comes to creating these kinds of stories, especially for the supervillain group, where do you get the inspiration from? What do you look to when you’re making stories?

Laserman: Well, if you know about the original superheroes from the golden age of comics, the silver age of comics, they were created and invented as a response to the evils of society that were prevalent all around. From the Great Depression, the Second World War, during the turbulent 60s, and so on, my character has that same kind of social justice message. So the villains that he faces are obstacles to his whole development. The objective of Laserman is enlightenment in the eastern philosophical sense, intellectual sense, and the literal physical sense. He is the light! So these obstacles to enlightenment are internal and the characters, the bad guys are faces and all reflections of these negative aspects that are happening with him that he has to conquer.

Q4. Where should we see Laserman next?

Laserman: As always, check out My comic is for sale in many comic book stores around New York City, and the world. I just completed a major tour of Europe, where I went to London, Amsterdam, Berlin, all over Europe! It was awesome! For the moment, it’s all grassroots. It’s self-published but I’m on the road to finding a publisher and you’ll be seeing a lot more of Laserman in the near future.

Thank you for your time, Laserman!

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