Dark Horse Comics continues the spy story about a lucky bastard who became a spy and cheated death so many times in Spy Superb in its second issue.

So after I reviewed the first issue, I didn’t stop there because there’s more to this comic than meets the eye. The first issue only shows some flashbacks of one of the last spy who is non-existent and barely shows his face before. Well at least I did talk about the author and his art style, so I’m going to make this review short.

The front cover shows the same wrapping paper for the comic, but what’s more interesting about this first cover art is how the author wrote that Spy Superb is not safe. Meaning that this comic has a detonator just like Kira Yoshikage’s stand power in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Then the next page shows some instructions on how to make a Shurikens out of the cover art, which is shown how you craft a ninja star. And then the second cover art shows up and it seems that every single one of them is going to kill that poor bastard who calls himself a spy while he’s reading his travel guide. Except one woman is putting her makeup on while she looks in the mirror and sees that she’s being followed.

So after he got attacked by some Russians, Jay escaped his apartment before some detectives shows up. But what’s so weird is that someone else just sent a hit squad to kill these Russians, but a single man did it and thought that Spy Superb did it. I mean WHO IS THE SPY SUPERB?? We don’t know exactly what these spies right now can do. However, that guy just took out these Russians all by himself, single-handedly. But what’s really funny is that the government started to set out another agent to assassinate Jay. And not just any spy, all the spies around the world are given the assignment to kill him. But when he realizes this, he abandons his friend and ran off to the airport to escape the country. This whole issue is another wild goose chase to see who will kill that guy first. And at the end of the second issue shows another background story of a guy who likes sewing clothes and cutting clothes with his scissors until he realized that he started using sharp things as his weapons.

This story, I just can’t witness enough that this second issue is another wild goose chase. As if everyone’s playing a game of chess, who will kill the target first? I don’t know what’s going to happen but somehow this story is going on a different toll than anything else right now. So yeah if you’re into a comic series about some cringy-ass man who does jack shit and runs away like a chicken then this comic is just for you.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.