the jman sayeth: My Top 5(ish) Things In August’s Previews

Just like the mortgage/rent, the cable and the electric bill, it’s that time of the month again!  I’m talking Previews!!!  Here’s what’s got your friendly neighborhood jman all hopped up […]

Just like the mortgage/rent, the cable and the electric bill, it’s that time of the month again!  I’m talking Previews!!!  Here’s what’s got your friendly neighborhood jman all hopped up on goofballs in the coming months out of Previews.

#6:  Legends of Oz:  Wicked West TP #1 – Big Dog Ink.  I missed these books the first time around.  Now that they’ve been collected and being solicited as a trade, there’s no better time to check out these books.  I realize you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but this series looks fairly interesting.  Like I’ve said over and over and over again…I like retakes/re-imagings of well know, well established properties.  Admittedly, the Wizard of Oz scared the crap out of me as a kid (the flying monkeys, mostly) and I haven’t gotten into any of the prequels that have been out over the years (Wicked, Oz: the Great and Powerful), still, this series has me intrigued.

#5:  Justice League 3000 #1 – DC Comics.  Suresuresure.  This book looks very reminiscent of DC One Million, the four issue mini series from 1998 (that also spun off issue 1,000,000 of the then current titles) but like I just said I really dig this kinda stuff (were you paying attention here?!?!?).  And at a $2.99 cover price, a virtual steal for DC books, I’m onboard to check it out (note:  i wrote this before finding out artist Kevin Maguire was let go from the book, before it even hit the newsstand.  The future (as it were) of Justice League 3000 is still unknown.)

#4:  Damian:  Son of Batman #1 – DC Comics.  I never thought I’d say this, but I like Damian Wayne.  In fact, I miss the lil psychopath.  Believe you me, that wasn’t always the case for your friendly neighborhood jman.  In fact, Damian was one of the reason I dropped comics for a time, way back when.

But, over time…not only have I grown to appreciate Damian, but actually like the lil bastard.  And, of course, Grant Morrison had to kill him off.  We all know what “dead” means in comics, but it’s not the point.  The character’s been tainted.  Jason Todd, anyone?!?!?

Still, I’m curious where this book is gonna go.  Mostly cause I miss the lil turd.


#3:  Samurai Jack #1 – IDW Comics.  I didn’t catch Samurai Jack in it’s initial run on Cartoon Network.  But, I’ve caught it in repeats (endless repeats) since then.  And what a freakin’ great, innovative show it was.  If this comic is half as creative as the show was, it’ll be a read worthwhile.


#2:  Marvel Knights Spider-man #1 – Marvel Comics.  Only a little bit is known about this upcoming title.  Spider-man faces 100 of his deadliest foes.  It’s being published under the old Marvel Knights title.  So…how bad could it be?  The question that plagues my mind is:  Which Spider-man will be in this book? Otto Spider-man or Spider-man Spider-man?


And #1…DC Comics Bombshells Batgirl Statue – DC Collectibles.  I love this freakin bombshell line.  LOVE IT!!!  I’ve already got Supergirl on pre-order.  And Harley Quinn.  Now I’ve gotta pre-order this one.  <And I thought Hot Toys was killing me!

On top of that, DC Collectibles has already announced a Black Canary bombshell.

Killing me!!!

And our WTF product of the month:


Johnny Winter 1976 Captured Live Guitar Gods Figure:  Aggronautix.  Here’s yet another little known fact bout your friendly neighborhood jman.   I love music.  Not the crap that’s being drilled into our craniums today, but real music.  I grew up on metal (yeayeayea.  Hair metal, big deal), but I’m still pretty diverse.  Which leads me to ask…why Johnny Winter?  No disrespect to the man and what he’s accomplished, but which one of you is clamoring for this bobblehead?!?!?


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