Toy Review: Fortnite Action Figures and Bling Box Treasure Chests (Jazwares)

Bush Campers beware! The Storm is Coming! Fortnite is a massively multiplayer game released by Epic Games in 2017. The game includes two different game mode: Save the World 4 […]

Bush Campers beware! The Storm is Coming!

Fortnite is a massively multiplayer game released by Epic Games in 2017. The game includes two different game mode: Save the World 4 player Co-Op and Battle Royale last man standing. Jazwares brings the characters to life in 3&3/4 inch scale fully articulated action figures. Along with the figures are blind boxes shaped like treasure chests from the in-game content which contains multiple weapons and wearable back gear, Building sets, and even the Llama Drama pinata when opened offers an exclusive character  “Rust Lord”weapons and exclusive building material.

Treasure chests are blind pack chest shaped containers which include weapons, back bling, and 2 building stands in each box. Just like in game each chest can contain common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary items. These can also act as storage for the gear you get. These were an interesting item as its both blind packs, accessories for the characters and pretty spot on to the in-game chests. Picking up a few of these will help build up an arsenal for the figures as well as adding building blocks to display with.

Figures AKA skins there are 13 characters available with more coming soon.  Bandolier, Brite Bomber, Carbide, Cuddle Team Leader, Drift, Jonesy, Omega, Ragnarok, Raptor, Raven, Rex, Rust Lord, and Teknique. We were able to get Bandolier, Carbide, Drift, Omega, Raptor, and Teknique. Articulation was great hands and feet had full range of motion even the legs twisted at the thighs. What stood out the most was that each character seemed to have its own unique mold. Unlike other toys, there was no noticeable reuse of other body parts from other characters. This may be considered a minute point but when a toy company invests into making each character unique it goes a long way with collectors.  Each character came with their own harvesting tool Omega came with not only a harvesting tool but a machine gun, and the “wet paint” glider. Two Characters harvesting tools that stuck out were Bandolier’s Chomp Jr, a shark with a spear stuck in the body, and Tekniques Renegade Roller a paint roller with a hook at the bottom of it. Each Figure also comes with a stand that can be snapped together with other stands that you can build boxes blockades even stairs with much like in game.

The Verdict? Collect them all! I am a fan of smaller scale figures with lots of possibilities for action poses and weaponry. Adding in the building sets and you have hours of fun. I’ll admit it I played with these for several hours trying out poses and mimicking the game and seeing if they could withstand the torture of everyday play. Yes if you have kids the figures can take a beating. Any Complaints? Just one, I want the bush for bush camping and the flying bus which you launch from in game. Other than my wants, everything else was great.

Figures and play set can be found Walmart, Target, GameStop, and online. Grab em before they are gone. Thank you Jazwares for the great product looking forward to what comes next Including your Legendary Bunny Brawler figure.

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