Who Is Captain Marvel?

Before the movie comes out in March, take a look at Captain Marvel’s comic book origin With the Captain Marvel movie opening Friday, the character is not that well known […]

Before the movie comes out in March, take a look at Captain Marvel’s comic book origin

With the Captain Marvel movie opening Friday, the character is not that well known outside of the comic community. So let’s take a look at Captain Marvel’s comic book origin.

Captain Marvel is actually Carol Danvers. Carol first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968) as an Air Force officer and security chief at a military base. She meets the Kree hero Captain Marvel. During a battle, Carol is caught in an explosion from a Kree device. She survives the blast, but Carol was seen as kind of throwaway character and not used again.

Cut to 1977, it is revealed that the explosion released energy that Carol absorbed. She gains the powers of flight, super strength, and a seventh sense. She ends up calling herself Ms. Marvel. At the time Marvel Comics used Ms. instead of Miss because of the feminist movement going on. Carol choose a costume that was similar to Captain Marvel’s.  Carol eventually changed her costume to one that looked more like a bathing suit. The Ms. Marvel series lasted until 1979.

After her own series ended, she ended up joining the Avengers. She remained an Avenger in good standing. A valuable member of the team. Then Carol mysteriously became pregnant and when the baby was born he rapidly aged. It was revealed that the baby was actually a man named Marcus, son of the Avengers’ time-manipulating foe Immortus. Marcus ended up manipulating Carol and pretty much raping her. To make matters worse, Marcus manipulated Carol into thinking she was in love with him. The two of them returned to the other realm of Limbo. Once there, Marcus aged rapidly again until he faded into nothingness. No longer being mind controlled, Carol figured out how to leave Limbo. She felt betrayed by the Avengers and relocated to San Francisco. 

In San Francisco, Carol is attacked by the mutant Rogue. Rogue has the ability to absorb powers and memories when her skin touches another person’s skin. Rogue held on to Carol for too long and Carol’s powers were permanently transferred to Rogue. This also left Carol as a mental blank state. It took the psychic powers of the X-Men founder Professor X to restore her mind. 

Now powerless, Carol chose to stay with the X-Men for a while, acting a support staff. During this time, she went into space with them, where they were captured by the aliens known as the Brood. The Brood experimented on her with a white hole. This gave her tremendous power and she took on the name of Binary. After she helped free the X-Men, she stayed in space with the galactic team the Starjammers. 

Eventually, Carol lost the ability to tap into the white hole and maintained her original powers plus being able to absorb and project energy. She rejoined the Avengers again and took the name Warbird. It was also at this time she developed a drinking problem. This would cause her to be dismissed from the Avengers, but once she got help for the drinking, the Avengers welcome her back.

Over time, her powers increased and she finally adopted the new codename of Captain Marvel. As Captain Marvel, she the self-appointed guardian of Earth by taking over the extra-terrestrial threat organization known as S.W.O.R.D. 

Recently Carol has found out that her mother is actually Kree and her Kree heritage helped her gain her powers.

That’s the short version of Captain Marvel. You can check out Captain Marvel currently in her self-titled series, as well as the Avengers.

Captain Marvel opens everywhere, Friday, March 8th.

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