One Last Thought About DC Universe Classics

Looking back on some missed opportunities on Mattel’s line of DC Comic action figures I really think that it’s finally be solidified for me. Mattel’s DC Universe Classics is dead. […]

Looking back on some missed opportunities on Mattel’s line of DC Comic action figures

I really think that it’s finally be solidified for me. Mattel’s DC Universe Classics is dead. I knew that Mattel had lost the DC Comics license, but I think with Toy Fair coming up soon and McFarlane Toy’s DC Multiverse hitting the shelves, is really what did it for me.

Overall, the entire Mattel line was pretty good, but I feel there were a lot of misses instead of hits. Things like Super Powers, to Super Friends, to the “Rainbow” Lanterns, I really feel there were so many other characters that could have been done.

And then there was some of Mattel’s rationale on why certain characters weren’t made. I remember having a conversation with then head Scott Neitlich about thinks like the lack of female characters in the line. His response was that mothers and kids don’t want those characters. Of course, the odd part had to be the big “Adult Collector” stamp right on the box.

But it wasn’t all of Mattel’s fault. DC Comics and their parent company Warner Brothers still had final say on what version of characters we would get. That would explain things like the decision on the Red Hood figure. Plus, there were some characters that would just never get made, due to any number of reasons. Can you really see Mattel or DC trying to market a Captain Nazi figure? Didn’t think so.

So, I started thinking if Mattel could have pushed out 2 more waves, who would be in it. I kept it at 6 characters and a bigger character for the Connect and Collect. I also tried to factor in characters that never had a figure of them before.

This is what I came up with:


  • Lois Lane – Lois is a cultural icon. She’s right up there with Superman or Wonder Woman. She is a must as a figure.
  • Jimmy Olsen – Again like Lois, a cultural icon. You can pretty much count the number of Jimmy action figures on one hand.
  • Connor Hawke/Green Arrow – Connor’s run as Green Arrow was very well received. I know a lot of fans who would have liked him as a figure.
  • Aqualad/Tempest – I never understood the lack of respect Garth gets. I would have loved to have him as either Aqualad or Tempest.
  • Mera – Mera’s one of these characters that never seemed to get her due. When Mattel did the Rainbow Lanterns, having a Mera figure would have been nice other than other Wonder Woman.
  • The Shade – Shade went from D list villain to a full-blown character thanks to the Starman series.
  • Connect and Collect: General Eiling – Captain Atom foil and Justice League foe, General Eiling transfer his mind into a monster’s body.

Wave 2

  • Sgt. Rock – Rock was DC Comics’ everyman during World War II. Without any superpowers, his stories wowed the readers
  • Blackhawk – One of the more famous costume adventurers. Blackhawk was a WWII pilot that took on things from beyond this world
  • Warlord – Travis Morgan became trapped in the otherworldly land of Skartaris. He was a man out of place. Made for very interesting sword and sorcery stories.
  • Heat Wave – Mattel gave us 2 of Flash’s Rogues and I always wanted more. Seeing how we got Captain Cold, it makes sense to give him his frequent partner
  • Impulse – Impulse was definitely a fan favorite that people wanted. He’s a fun character.
  • Jade – Jade is one of these characters I just always loved. We got her father, Green Lantern, and brother, Obsidian, so why not a Jade action figure?
  • Connect and Collect: Blockbuster – Blockbuster is a Nightwing foe. I think he’s a great character.

I realize these 2 waves don’t have a theme like some past waves, but I felt they were important characters to have in action figure form.

There was also one other thing that bugged me about the DCUC. It was the Legion of Super-Heroes set. Don’t get me wrong. It was an awesome set. The only problem is there was only one female Legionnaire: Saturn Girl. I think it would have been great as a item or San Diego Comic-Con exclusive of the women of the Legion in action figure form.

So, there you go. My wish list of DCUC. Never to be made and always to be wanted.

What about you? What characters would you have liked to see from Mattel’s DCUC get made?  Leave a comment in the comments section.

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