The tension doesn’t relent in this second issue as not everything goes Lady Hellaines way.

As Lady Hellaine struggles to keep her secret from her house staff she organizes a party for the town’s elite, I imagine to either scope out possible food sources or to integrate herself into society and out of suspicion. The party however yields questions rather than answers with Lady Hellaine forced to face up to body snatching problems she may not have planned for. She feels like her body connects with some people at the party and reacts in a way she wasn’t expecting, could this lead to problems in whatever her plan is and would this get in the way of her feeding.

Rory is a dark dark horse not only can she sew but she has nerves of steel and is quite possibly either the bravest or stupidest girl in town by positioning herself (with full knowledge) into the lion’s den. I wonder if her signature sewing embellishments will come into play later in the story and to what effect.

The artwork is just incredible every single panel feels like its hiding something and each character looks as if they are hiding a dark secret. The panels almost have a vignette on them as if the town is lit by candlelight that doesn’t quite reach the edges and it draws attention into the centre and gives it an air of mystery that the reader is complicit in.

There are more and more levels coming into play next issue as it looks like Lady Hellaine may not be the baddest thing that goes bump in the night after all.