Comic Review: All-America Comix #1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases an American heroine who became a superhero to fight for justice in All-America Comix on its first volume. Well out of all American superheroes out there, this […]

Image Comics releases an American heroine who became a superhero to fight for justice in All-America Comix on its first volume.

Well out of all American superheroes out there, this comic will focus on a female protagonist who has superpowers like Superman. But the strangest thing about this series is her name, who in the fuck would you name the main character as America? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! But it’s more than any other person who named her because whoever had superpowers in the beginning. The story is written by Joe Casey and illustrated by Dustin Nguyen. Joe is the one who created the megahit Ben 10 and Generator X for Cartoon Network, however, he tends to write one of your favorite superhero stories from Marvel to Disney and such. He also has a creative studio which is Man of Action Entertainment to produce shows like Ben 10 and others.

The front cover shows the protagonist is standing facing on the borders giving a salute to the readers, she dressed as a pilot, her hand is covered with bandages and drew a peace sign on her bandage. The title logo looks promising because the design is all retro style, kind of reminds me of Top Gun, and that badge looks very detailed too, I like it. So from the start of the story and a few pages and beyond, you’d get to see one of her posts on Instagram, even when her posts on the next few pages of the comic are that she’s narrating the whole story. The story starts when a woman as I said, her name is America is fighting against her shadow and sent her back to her dimension. Then there are some other superheroes that you’d recognize, but what is Captain America doing there? But anyway, America was born and raised in La Puente, California. However, everyone knew her because of her superpowers that she has, everyone has gone crazy. But her friend’s grandmother is being a douche saying to America that she’s selfish and a disgrace and brought up with her grandfather over that kind of conversation. Her grandfather was a staff sergeant who fought in Vietnam in a war, right until he died in cancer a few years later, yet she wears his battle gear as an honor to him. She fought a few battles against some enemies that she faced and saving people, right until her powers have gone haywire and sent her to another dimension. How will she willing to determine her destiny?

The story is like no other superhero comic that I’ve ever read. Think of it like Ryuga Banjo from Kamen Rider Build, he was born of his special genes from an alien specimen which has the power to control destroy a planet by opening up a Pandora Box from outer space. Even when he joined Sento Kiryu to fight alongside him as a Kamen Rider, his powers rivaled no other opponent who faced him. While this comic shows a Hispanic American protagonist who actually takes a greater inspiration from her late grandfather as a veteran soldier, however, her parents are not present in her life which is strange for why she lives alone. Her superpowers began to manifest by traveling by looping from the wormhole to another. She possesses superhuman strength and the ability to fly. There’s more info of her at the end of her comic which is designed by Dustin Nguyen. The art is none other like an inspiration of Spawn, but on the other hand, the art style is much alike to the old Marvel comics, Dustin’s designs were most like from DC Comics and he draws for that too like Batman and the Justice League. But outside of comics, he also is a conceptual artist for toys and consumer products, and also games and animation. The character designs were too real to have in action, as long as America triumphs every villain as possible to justice. Plus, her design as Hispanic American shows more like one of the characters from King of the Hill, but that’s aside that because no other comic can design a character with such a small detailed face like her, even when she interacts, she just stare like it’s nothing. So All-America Comix is an epic series to start with a Latin American superhero is more than any other comic you’ll ever read.

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